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Over 10 years helping the small business owner with ads, website, newsletter & social media management. 


Social Media & Website 
Set Up & Management

Tess Vedilago has been a dream to work with as she breathed new life into our website,

  Tess has the technical skills to set up websites, make them mobile-friendly, and also link them to all kinds of other venues that will optimize exposure and also hit a targeted audience.  She really LISTENED to our priorities and our goals that we wanted to convey to subscribers.  She easily linked us to Youtube, a Google account, Pinterest, Facebook and much more.  She is quick to give input and suggestions, but also eager to hear our needs and wishes.

  Tess is consistently upbeat, positive and easy to work with.  She is always available and consistently communicates updates, changes, questions etc.  We couldn’t be more pleased with her website development.

Charming Creek Farm, Robesonia, PA

Lois Smith ~ Manager

(717) 926-9011

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