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Media Mingled by Tess

Helping small business connect


It’s all about your business and connecting you to your customers & clients.   I will do set up, management and integration of all your social media with your website including Newsletters.

  • Truth Social

  • Face Book

  • Pinterest

  • You Tube

  • Rumble

  • Instagram 

  • Newsletters ~ Constant Contact Specialist

  • Search Engine Optimization & Google Analytics set up

  • Print & online ads 



One hour initial consultation at no charge

Tess will consult with you on ideas for your website and social media accounts to help you determine the most efficient way to get started or reorganize your current profiles.

Two people meeting and discuss in coffee

Social Media Management

Create and manage online profiles

We will create your business online profiles and determine a schedule for managing your social media postings based on your business and the information you need to portray.


Website Management/Creation

Get started and call me for help. I can create your website with your input giving you complete control. I will manage and maintain your website by keeping it current, relevant and search engine friendly. Allowing you time to run your business.

 I will connect all your social media to your site and set up your business on google.

Digital social media


through Constant Contact

Newsletters are a key component to bringing people back to your website and social media pages.
Online or print Newsletter Management. 

Contact management.

Newsletter creation - focusing on engagement in the newsletter to send people to your website.  

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for business owners

Want to do it yourself? Learn how to set up and manage your google presence, social media and website.  

Relaxed atmosphere. 

 $50 per hour

Teacher and student working on tablets a


face book ads, print/online ads

Creation of ads for face book, online profiles or print. We can use images, text and/or video. See example

Pricing varies.

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