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The Patriots Page ~ Links

There are no detailed descriptions or alt text due to reasons we all know. We need to keep these pages from being supressed, so just move around and find what you want to see. There was probably a description of what you are looking for in the post that brought you here. Thank you!

~The Best News by Citizen Journalists ~ Badlands Media
News & updates by real people who do hours of research and bring us the news
in a conversational, interactive format.
Many of the Badlands Journalist are listed below, I am still working on finding all their links.
You will really want to watch Badlands Daily & The Brief, Mon - Fri mornings.
Also if you
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Choose who you will listen to using discernment and follow up with your own research!





Books by General Michael Flynn

and Boone Cutlar

 5th Generation Warfare

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Or just watch below

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Standing in our times

Eph 6:10-19

  • Stand is listed 3x vs. 11,13 & 14

  • Who are we standing against?  Vs 12 Compare Geneva 1599 KJV, KJV and Amplified

  • Vs 10 tells us we have “the Power of His Might” or are “Empowered by Him”

2 Corin 1: 21-24

  • Vs 21 tells us we are anointed and empowered by gifts of the Spirit

  • Vs 22 says we are “sealed” and given the Spirit in our hearts (Eph 1:13)(Eph 4:30)

  • Vs 24 tells us to “stand” firm in our faith

Conclusion: How do we and why can we “Stand”?

 We have “Faith” that God has given us the “Gifts of the Spirit”, the “Weapons of our Warfare” and we are “Sealed” (therefore protected by Him).

Therefore we “Stand without fear”. (Prov 29:25)(Ps 56:11)

A business should have access to & control of their website ~ Tess

A Horseman should know neither fear, nor anger. ~ James Rarey

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