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The Patriots Page Videos

March 2024 - These videos may be over a year old but very relevant and worth hearing if you did not know what was going on the past few years. I will be adding new and current  videos soon. I will probably put them on a new page due to space.

This episode of the Devolution Power Hour was one of their best. BurningBright and Jon Herold corrected the record on all the misconceptions surrounding Devolution. This episode serves as a great recap of Devolution and a refresher of the evidence that supports it.

Jon Herold interviews Lt Gen (Ret.) Steven L. Kwast on the genius of Trump creating Spaceforce and the role it will play in future conflicts.

In this episode, Liz James, founder of Blessed By His Blood, discusses a way to give and receive unvaccinated blood in hospitals and doctor's offices. Liz is a licensed pharmacist who was led by God to find a solution for people who need pure blood, free of the poisons found in the Covid 19 shots. God has guided her to leave her job as a pharmacist after her fears of the poisons in the Covid 19 jabs. She now has a blood bank for pure blood. This is an amazing resource for Unvaxxed blood!

It's time. Everything Q with the experts and patriot brothers Absolute1776 and StormyPatriotJoe

Dr. Peter McCullough ON FIRE At The Summit For Truth & Wellness

Unbeknownst to many, the world has entered the era of advanced biological weapons. There is now a preponderance of evidence indicating that COVID-19 is a venom-based bioweapon that has been in the works for decades. Produced by Jonathan Otto and edited by Adam Riva, COVENOM-19 VOL 1: COLD-BLOODED explores this unsettling revelation and the implications for the human race.

Like this film? There are plenty more just like it at

Dr Bryan Ardis is closest to shocking news of 80% of pregnant women who received the Covid kill shot while pregnant.

Site referenced to check your blood:

2000 Mules Documentary

Follow the progress:

Follow up interview:

Note- this video has about 15 minutes of music before it starts, you can only move things forward in the link above not within the video shown.

Watch more at Facts Matter With Roman Balmakov

The Great Suppresion - Documentary about the catastrophic impact of Pennsylvania Governor and the Health Secretary’s decisions, in response to the COVID plandemic.

A business should have access to & control of their website ~ Tess

As a retired Thoroughbred Race Horse trainer and through  Dappled Horse Grooming and Massage, Tess provides high-quality equine care personalized for each horse’s unique needs, providing them with gentle, knowledgeable, detailed grooming and massage.

A Horseman should know neither fear, nor anger. ~ James Rarey

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